A New Chapter

January the 3rd, 2020 I, ian Cain Chamberlain began revealing and explaining some of the truths about this Life and how to Live BY Faith according to trusting and believing that the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and planET earth has and is sustaining our known uniVerse as a balanced creation with Light and Darkness permeating in harmony as it spirals through the vastness of space creating an abstract form of symmetry. Or is it a multi~Verse? This is a Great QuestioN that more than one might have asked. A Magical soLar system it is, wondrousLY cuLtivated by the forces of Nature.

Stop now after reading that first introduction thesis, briefly take a precious moment for yourself within this particular plane of existence and step Outside With Nature then breathe a few breaths in a new way that you have not yet experienced. During this sacred moment, you are going to start feeling a calming sensation plus a rush of new Life force energy in order to release the old and absorb the new, like the olde saying once stated, “take a deep breath” relax, pause. Great now that was only a few seconds of your time this day or night whatever time it might be while you are reading this message. As this is the first post for my blog i am not going to make it too Long, yet Long enough to share a few true aspects of being alive here on earth in the year 2020.

I am currently 29 years of age, turning the page to a new chapter in this Life for an opportunity that I believe is going to help save more Lost souls this way. Blessings of Peace and Harmony to you who are reading this and the rest of your friends and families. Breathing is a sacred aspect of Life and most of the human civilization takes it for granted that we simply naturally breathe on our own. If we Learn to engage the breath throughout the body we can start the process of healing our bodies thus to be alive and Living instead of the feeling of dying or rather not fully feeling the presence of Life source energy flowing within. The past few years for me personally have been extremely meditative in order to pursue the process of healing my body from all of the destruction and turmoil that I was forcing myself to go through. 

Hopefully the readers are going to feel that I am only writing a blog on here for the soul purpose of helping others awaken to their true nature, who they truly are and their endless possibilities that await on the other side of defeating their own fears. This is going to take some Life Lessons Learned, tears thus to switching into new gears. Higher elevations of consciousness awareness with the abilities to manifest and create new avenues for creating opportunities that can help others livelihood. Once we take the time to read sacred information and messages that were Lost thus to be found and shared once again as it once was so shall it be again. Free from any form of slavery or false indoctrination, from true facts and explanations revealing sacredness that was not taught publicly yet until recently within this Lifetime. 

2020 vision the veil has been torn, the fog is rising and the wool is being plucked from thine eyes that the wolfs in sheep clothing have been using to deceive the masses for an eternity.  Time as we know it is soon to come to an end as has any other era before in history. Yet everY ending has a new beginning, somehow some way; what do you all say? HeY, its 2020… Let’s start a new chapter today. 

Prosperity of Spirituality from a true relationship with the one originaL creator of The Heavens, the earth & ALL Living and breathing creatures within CreatioN. A personal relationship with the Holy Spirit that is among everybody

~i an am cain chamberlain !~

iansOWN has multiple meanings from originally i created that we are OneWithNature, thus one can be OutsideWithNature or OurWorldNaturally oh how I pray and hope that someday somebody through this message is going to see the endless value and potential of the organic Life brand known as OWN for ALL of humanity.

OneWithNature~Hemp products are sooN to be available, NOW accepting donations. Please emaiL me aT OneWithNature2020@yahoo.com if you can HELP raise sOMe funds for this project; to grow GARDENS eveRYwhere theY are Needed…

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