Conscious seeds for collaborations

This is for those whom are interested in creating their OWN communitY Gardens at the center of eveRY citY around YU! The plants can be chosen according to the environment and what type of atmosphere best serves their particular form of Life; whether it is a root or a flower. There is an abundance of trees to choose from of which produce fruit for the children to eat while they are playing Outside With Nature From A pear tree to the bees making medicinal honey for everybody.

HoneY can be found in nature all across this earth and it is used in a variety of ways Now we can cultivate it by harvesting from the bees in a controlled environment thus to produce new forms for those who might need to implement sOMe to their seasonal eating habits. This ingredient is essential for people whOM have allergies or sinus pressure frOM the atmosphere around them within their area of existence. Herbs and other holistic healing attributes from Nature can be used to HeLp those that need the healing most. If communities can truLY come together theN i believe they can HeLP the ones needing food the most, PLaces that need a central garden for public propagation. Each fruit from a tree produces its OWN seeds thus to grow another tree somewhere else. This has been happening for thousands of years in the past NoW to be continued in order to provide an abundance of organic crops for humanitY.

I am going to start raising money for a non-profit Nature centered foundation to provide more awareness across the earth, this way we can reach the places needing new forms of food for the people of rural communities. These are the areas Left in the past and forgotten, they need an implementation of ingredients which can be harvested from their soil on the land around them. Then the propagation project can commence, i am excited to HeLP plant the gardens for other to watch grow with them as they Live their Life bonding outside with nature and mother earth to provide the food for their communitY. The OWN foundation is NOW accepting donations in order to help others.

This project can create an unbreakable bond between a communitY of people coming together and collaborating in harmony with nature for a natural source of nutrients from the earth for all those Living within the neighborhood. Each family can be responsible for growing their own ingredients of which they can choose to share with others or barter/trade to acquire new forms of food from the neighbors garden as a mutual exchange of energy transfer. Public propagation from the central main garden for anybody to choose what they might need to add in their own gardens.

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